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So Damn Special

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Recorded at Uptown Underground in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Written and performed by Nathan Bishop.


So damn special

Written by: Nathan Bishop

Don't you let those ugly demons bring you low
They deal in lies you know
they come to dim your glow
They tell you that you're tarnished when your soul is pure
Make the truth obscure
Make you feel unsure

but you don't need to feel insecure
that's for sure x2
Cause your so damn special
Got huge potential
So let your light shine through
even with the trials you endured you survived
you matured
Said you're so damn special
So when the rain's torrential
Just let your light shine through

Don't let them tell you you ain't beautiful
Cause you're beautiful
Unique and beautiful
Don't get bogged down with sadness fear and shame
That's just the devil's game
but still the truth remains that


I know some times you feel inadequate
but check the aggrigate
you're so much more than adequate
you're not as isolated as you feel
cause love is real
So let it heal