1. Lyin' In A Bed

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Lyin' In A Bed

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Lyin' in a Bed
Written by: Nathan Bishop

Verse 1

Bible says hands off thy neighbors wife/
it's time to straighten up start living right/
But woman I, well I took one look an' I got mezmerized/
Lost in your eyes/
Can't get you off my mind, I'm...


Lyin' in a bed I shouldn't be in and woman you're lyin right next to me/
I wish I was a better human bein' but its takin' over me/
I know we might regret it in the mornin', hope this stays between you and me/
I'm lyin' in a bed I shouldn't be in and woman you're lyin' right next to me/

Verse 2

I know technically you ain't his wife/
I also know that still don't make it right/
An' I don't wanna lose my soul/
but I can't let go, fear I might lose control




Oooh I was asleep when you came in/
Now just check this mess I'm in/
An' I don't wanna lose my soul
But I can't let go/
Fear I might lose control!

Chorus x 2