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Good Intentions

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Recorded at Chris Gregory's Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mixed at Happy Rock Studio in Chelsea Quebec. Written by Nathan Bishop and Greg Frankson. Performed by Nathan Bishop.


Good Intentions

Written by: Nathan Bishop and A. Gregory Frankson

Verse 1

Tried to meet your expectations/
But you mistook the truth for lies/
Tried to cope with all these constant confrontations/
Girl you should have known that my conscience was clear by the way that I looked in your eyes but


You never did trust my good intentions/
By the time that you hear this I'll be gone/
And all that we have left is accusations and deceptions/
three packed bags, two broken hearts and one sad song/

Verse 2

You never should've read my email/
Or tried to steal my mobile phone/
You threw a fit if any friend of mine was female/
Now look at what happened, I'm off in this cab and now you can be jealous alone/



So maybe you'll see that its a pity baby/
You'll think of the things that might have been/
And maybe you'll text me you'll tell me you love me, you want me to come home, you'll hold me, you'll hug me, but I just can't do this, I can't go through this again no, no, no

Chorus out..