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What Am I Supposed To Do?

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Recorded at Sound of One Hand Studios in Ottawa, Ontario. Mixed at Happy Rock Studio in Chelsea, Quebec. Written and performed by Nathan Bishop.


What am I supposed to do

Written by: Nathan Bishop (MacDonald)

Another stage, another bar, another town/
Time to play the jester and the clown/
a talent never found/
30 years now underground/
they all know my sound but now nobody comes around/
They play my tunes/
in smoke filled taverns and saloons/
but who I am don't even cross their minds/
My name was lost in time/
but boy I sure could write a rhyme/
that made them take a look at what was true/

But what am I supposed to do?/
In this love affair with you?/
I do it all for you, it ain't what's great its just what's new/
I guess I'm through/
Tellin' these stories here for you/
Old before I was new and just too tired to sell to you ooo ooo ooh/
But what am I supposed to do?/

Its libraries thick/
Just a simple point and click/
and get the greatest hits of humankind/
you know it blows my mind/
All the things that I can find/
that some great teachers left behind/
so we could see life through their eyes/
I think its great/
that Louis Armstrong's there for me/
but when they write my history/
A lifetime spent in poverty/
Ain't seen a dime/
but those hit songs they sang were mine/
Yet who am I to whine I wrote them for the cause of time/
for the tunes/
But what am I supposed to do....

Repeat Chorus out...