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El Cocinero (I Just Wanna Know Your Name)

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Recorded at Happy Rock Studio in Chelsea, QC, Iguana Recording in Toronto, ON and Uptown Underground in Toronto, ON. Written by Nathan Bishop and Greg Frankson. Performed by Nathan Bishop.


El Concinero (just wanna know your name)

Written by: Nathan Bishop/Greg Frankson

Every day she walks in and I can't help but look/
As she sips on her drink and she writes in her book/
She's a marvel above any natural laws/
Perfect without any flaws/
Now she'll never know that I find her so sweet/
So I pour all my love in the food that she eats/
All the words I would say but I can't even speak cause/
She don't know me


I just wanna know, I just wanna know, I just wanna know your name baby

I peer out of my window, its here I must stay/ cause I'm only one cook in a busy cafe/
I stare at her beauty, she don't look my way/
How can a queen love a cook anyway?/
My mind starts to dream of a fantasy life/
Where the cook is the king and this queen is my wife, but I know that I won't feel the warmth of her light 'cause...
She don't know me


Then she came in one day after coming for years/
Went to the bartender, leaned in his ear/
Gave him a gift, turned and left, my heart hit the depth of my chest/
The bartender turned and he gave it to me/
So I tore off the paper, so that I could see/
A book bound in leather, attached was a note/
And these were the words that she wrote:

"senor por favor won't you please read this book of a young senorita in love with a cook, its called El concinero porque te quiero
There's one thing I'm dyin' to know...

Chorus out...

English translation of Spanish/English bridge -

"Sir. please read this book, of a young woman in love with a cook, its called "the cook" because I love you, there's one thing I'm dying to know"