1. Lose Control

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Lose Control

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Recorded at Uptown Underground in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Written and performed by Nathan Bishop.


Lose Control
Written by: Nathan Bishop

Lay with me baby, we got all afternoon/
Stay with me baby, do you have to go so soon?/
I'll lay and listen/
I'll breathe you in/
Caress your body/
Kiss your warm skin/

Cause I wanna feel ya next to me/
And I want that connection see, have you undressin' me/
And I ooh I wanna know your soul/
I guess I...just wanna lose control/

I'll kiss you like the first time we kissed/
And I'll love you ways, that other men have missed/
I'll touch you lightly, leave goosebumps on your skin/
Girl you delight me, now come on let me in/



Can I make you happy? I don't know/
But baby this feels hot enough to melt the snow/
And I don't mind if we go slow/
Cause I, just wanna lose control/

Chorus out...