Two way tie for first place in song poll!

Here are the latest poll results. 26 people responded. "That week in Montreal" and "4 Cups of Coffee"we tied for 1st place with 5 votes each. There was a three way tie for second place between Till I met your sister, Opiates and El Cocinero. Good intentions was third. Here are the full results!

1. That Week in Montreal 5
4 Cups of Coffee 5

2. Till I Met Your Sister 4
Opiates 4
El Cocinero (I Just Wanna Know) 4

3. Good Intentions 2

4. What Am I Supposed to Do 1
So Damn Special 1
Without You 1

5. Lyin' in a Bed 0
Lose Control 0

Were your views reflected in this sample? I still need to pick a lead single to market to radio! Comments are welcome!