Making this album has been a labour of love and I’m so glad it’s finally come to fruition. I’d like to thank the many family, friends and supporters who’ve carried me on their shoulders along the way. There are some people that deserve to be singled out:

Greg “Ritallin” Frankson for the two great co-writes and for the years of friendship,
Ross Murray for his deft guidance and marvellous ears,
Dave Klotz for his patience and great attitude, you’re a true pro and a pleasure to work with,
Matt Durante for his help setting up Uptown Underground,
Michel Legault for the free studio time during preproduction,
Ian Finley for his musicianship and friendship,
Chris Gregory and Kevin “Spesh K” Kinch for the Good Intentions bed sessions,
Mike Ritchie for his support & musicianship,
Andrea Curry and Marni Levitt for the lovely backing vocals,
Stuart Watkins for his awesome bass chops and professional attitude,
Jacques Lepage for all those gigs at Biddy’s and for drumming on "What am I supposed to do?”
Neil McDaniel and Hugh Ferguson for the great playing on What am I Supposed to Do and for all the rehearsals and shows with this act and with Celtae,
Rick MacDonald, my dad, for the help building Uptown Underground,
Jim Morgan and the folks at the ISC for the shine,
Jillian Thorne, Krista Russo, Vanessa MacDonnell, Carol-Ann Labelle-Roy, Tinnie Tse, Christa McCool, & Danielle Jacobson for the inspiration and feedback.
Brent Taylor for the Banjo, carpentry assistance and friendship,
Tony McFadden, Chantal Lambert, Joanne Arcand, Bryan & Catherine Gibson, Brent Taylor, Zev Kalin, Hannah Christie, Aysha Raad-Gil Gil, Sarah Harper, Cathy Baker, Brenda Ferguson, Carrie Reid, Natasha Gates, Courtney Leitch, Myriam Baudry, Viv Suen and Alyssa Ginsburg for all the support!
Julie Lohnes for your friendship, support and efforts setting up the Lunenburg showcase. Folk Harbour rules!
Eric Brazier for the amazing photography and for letting me crash on your couch when I moved to Toronto,
Elliott MacDonald for the guitar pointers, the Roland JC120, the great job on stage and for being my brother.
Cory MacDonald, Laura McFarlane, Vijay Sarma, Nava Lightstone and others for their honest feedback on the music while it was in production,
Rob MacArthur for sending me back to the drawing board on the artwork,
Robert Watson for the first website, the hosting and the support.
Matthew Dezoute, Don Brownrigg, Ana Miura, Madison Sheane, Dwight D’eon, and everyone with whom I shared the stage
Steve York and Tony Rabalao for organizing Freefall Sundays,
Tyree Lush, Dana Arrowsmith, Steve Tudge, Matt Holland, Jules Sisk, James Rock, Marlo Turanski, Terri-Lynn Mahusky for the Celtae years.

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me, come out to a show or even clicked like or thumbs up on one of my posts! If I left you out, I apologize, its really nothing personal, there are just so many amazing people who have helped me out over the years!