The day is finally here!

Its been a long time coming! While working on this album, I've moved cities, built a recording studio, my mother's house was burned down by a pyromaniac, I was injured in a car accident but hey, I think I mentioned all that before! The main thing is that the album is on sale and it feels sweet!  Watch this site cause I'll be coming to a place near you very soon with a bundle of these to sell! Remember - if you buy them from me, you cut out retail and I make more! If you can't wait, grab 'em any way you choose!

If you download the whole album you get a free song!  When I was setting up the online store, there was an interesting feature called fans set price. It came with a minimum price which was exactly the price I was going to charge anyway, so I guess its just for those who really want to go above and beyond the call of duty!

If you do, thanks a million but there's no shame in paying the minimum!