Lovers, Leavers, and Believers available on itunes June 1, 2011

When I left my last band and decided to go solo, there was  a lot more to it than just playing a few gigs. Although I did that, I had to let me own sound develop that was distinct from what we'd been doing before.  Over the years I had written a lot of tunes, and experimented with a lot of styles, this was to be my chance to really bring them to life. I started to book studio time and record this album.  I had a lot of great musicians join me in the studio, but I found that the whole process of working with other musicians and booking outside studio time was a tough process to coordinate, not to mention, it was starting to get pretty expensive.  I moved from Ottawa to Toronto for a change of scenery and to spur some creative juices.  When I got to Toronto, I started to build my own home recording studio. I'm not talking about a bedroom with a mic in the closet, I'm talking about a soundproofed, treated protools studio, with all the trimmings.  Uptown Underground was born. That gave me the freedom to work on tracks at  4 in the morning if the spirit moved me. And I started to play a lot more of the parts myself. The last few tracks I worked on for the album I actually got to play all the parts. Making the production sound exactly like it did in my head.  

While I was working on this album, a lot of things went down.  My mother's house was attacked by an arsonist FOUR TIMES and finally burned to the ground on the fourth attempt, I had an engagement break off and there's other things that happened. - Hey, we all have problems, I'm sure many of you have gone through worse troubles than mine. What I'm saying is it wasn't always easy to focus on music like I'd like, but I let the stress inspire me to work even harder.  Uptown Underground is open for business and my debut solo album lovers, leavers, and believers is going on sale June 1st 2011.  It is for sure a good time in my life and I'm very excited to share this music with you.